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Say goodbye to all those broken links and obsolete websites by choosing a WordPress care plan from Elevated Audience! Call us today at (267) 217-3155.

There are numerous benefits to using
WordPress to power your website,

but not having a WordPress care plan is like driving a car without insurance and never changing the oil.

Using Elevated Audience’s
WordPress care plans is perfect if:

You want to avoid common problems like broken links, unable to upload images, 404 errors, and more

You don’t have the time, energy, or resources to optimize your website’s content or integrate new website content

You want to test the security of your website and rectify any potential issues

Hearing back from your web designer or web hosting company takes too long, or they provide inadequate service

Our WordPress Specialists Will Optimize Your Websites

At Elevated Audience, we strive to take your business to the next level with client-based strategies focused on your targeted audience. We know a big part of this is having an optimized website that uses WordPress to its full advantage.

Our service isn’t just for keeping your website in top shape: it’s also a crucial investment to help your business soar. Whether you want to expand your current client base or break into new markets or sectors, our team is here to help. Our comprehensive WordPress care plans include:

Elevated$397/mo Enhanced$147/mo Essentials$97/mo Business Hosting$37/mo
Ultra Fast Hosting
SSL Certificate
Advanced SMTP Email
Backups w/ Restore Daily Local & Off-Site Daily Local / Weekly Off-Site Daily Local / Monthly Off-Site Daily Local / Monthly Off-Site
Support Phone & Email Email Ticketed Ticketed
Care & Analytics Report Bi-Weekly Monthly Monthly
WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Monthly Support Time 2 Hours 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Paid Plugin Licenses ($150/mo value)
Domain DNS Management
Advanced Firewall & Security
DDoS Protection
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Hourly Rate Discount
Supports eCommerce Websites
Manual Website Review Weekly Monthly
Strategy Calls Monthly Quarterly
Staging Server
Broken Link Scanning
Advanced Site Caching
Database Cleaning & Optimization
ADA Compliant Accessibility ($75/mo value)
Site Speed Optimization & Monitoring
Keyword Tracking (20)

How We Elevate Above the Competition

At Elevated Audience, we know that multi-feature WordPress care plans aren’t enough. You also need an expert team that follows through with what they say. Otherwise, it’s like having a car with all the glitz and glamor but without the torque, durability, or safety features that’ll keep you cruising.

We’re confident in our ability to optimize and expand your business. From adding new blogs utilizing advanced Google Analytics, strengthening and adding security plugins, fixing errors, or doing a complete overhaul of your website’s design, let us elevate you.

The following components let us elevate way beyond the competition:

Expert and passionate WordPress technicians

Our WordPress technicians are experts in their fields and are passionate about what they do. Whether they’re doing regular maintenance on your website or completely decking out your website, you can trust our team to help. Our team is knowledgeable in SEO, Google Pay Per Click, and digital marketing, including social media campaigns.

Transparent communication and rapid results

You can expect to hear back from our team promptly. Aiming to handle most requests within less than three business days, you won’t be stuck pressing the refresh button for weeks.

Current analytics and security plugins

We understand that technology is constantly changing. To navigate this forever-changing landscape, we implement the latest analytics and security plugins and patches to keep you and your business on track.

Peace of mind

We know how hard it can be to run and manage a business. With our help, you can leave all the WordPress issues to us and focus on other business components.

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