SEO CASE STUDY: 1,100% Revenue Increase for a Cannabis Delivery Company

1,100% Increase In Revenue

1,034% Increase in Organic Visitors

734% Increase in Total Keywords

The Problem

When DMV 42 Zero came to Elevated Audience, they had three problems:

  1. They were trying to grow their brand visibility in a niche that isn’t allowed to run paid advertising campaigns
  2. They weren’t sure how to reach potential customers.
  3. Their website had a domain authority of 0.

DMV 42 Zero is a cannabis delivery service serving the Washington DC metropolitan area. They have the widest range of products in their market and have adopted an e-commerce to local delivery solution. Customers can fill a cart with their favorite products and select their preferred delivery time and location. 

We learned on our discovery call, this is 100% legal under Initiative 71. There are some restrictions but DMV 42 Zero assured us their entire business is above board. 

When we first met with DMV 42 Zero, we learned that they had attempted to run Google ads and have been attempting to build an organic social media following with little or no results. 

Unfortunately, Cannabis and CBD product-related advertising are strictly prohibited according to Google’s policies. And – as most of us know – growing a social media account organically is a long and slow process. 

The company that built their website was “doing SEO” but the results were not impressive. We discovered they were using an automated RSS feed plugin to automatically pull and publish articles for them.

The Strategy

Our first step was a deep SEO Audit to uncover technical and on-page opportunities and find a list of relevant keywords. After optimizing the existing website we decided to target 2 groups of keywords:

  • Topically relevant informational keywords
  • Locally relevant transactional keywords

Topically relevant informational keywords would be focused on building the overall relevance of the domain with keywords like “how long does weed stay good?”, “420 friendly hotels in DC”, and “does weed lose potency after grinding?”

Locally relevant transactional keywords would be focused on targeting customers searching for weed delivery in their local area like “DC weed delivery”, “Virginia weed delivery”, and “Arlington weed delivery”.  

Then, we took these keywords and determined which ones DMV 42 Zero had the best chance to rank for based on their current Domain Authority and would provide the best immediate ROI based on search intent and carefully crafted new pages and articles.

For the first six months of the campaign, we published a minimum of 2 new content assets and built at least 5 editorial backlinks.

The Results

Let’s compare — August of 2021 to February 2022.

Metric August 2021 February 2022
Total Users 1,146 5,239 (357%)
Users from Organic Search 317 3,594 (1,034%)
Total Keywords 138 1,163 (743%)
Increase in Revenue 1,100%

Or, in one graph:

Don’t forget, cannabis products are a consumable that users typically purchase multiple times per month making the lifetime value of each new customer over $1,000. 

The website and blog content is generating so much new traffic and growth, DMV 42 Zero is expanding their service area and hiring new delivery drivers – in just 6 months of putting our SEO strategy into action.

What This Means For Your Business

SEO is a strategy that works for every business – even yours. 

We’ve heard it all before, “I’ve tried SEO and it doesn’t work for my industry” or “I worked with an SEO agency and I didn’t get any results”. Truth is, most SEOs don’t know what they’re doing. 

There is a boatload of nuance in SEO and most business owners don’t understand what it means – nor should they! As a business owner, you should focus on your expertise and work with a trusted and transparent SEO firm like Elevated Audience.

SEO is a combination of strategy and patience. The work put in today will yield results in a few months and the investment you make today will generate returns for years to come. 

DMV 42 Zero is the perfect example of just that.6 months later and Elevated Audience has increased their organic traffic by 1,034% and monthly revenue by 1,100% – and it’s still climbing month over month!


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